Toni Pareja Cuadradas
– designer and coder

My name is Toni Pareja Cuadradas and I am a designer and coder working as freelancer since 2009. Specialized in building responsive websites using html, css, js and php, my style has often been described as conceptual, minimalistic, subtle, modern, clear and non intrusive – despite some of those adjectives might not fit quite well in this very website.

Amongst other pointless knowledge I am a deep conoisseur on maters such as extra large headlines, impossible background patterns, monochromatic layouts, asymetric shapes, fluorescences, distortions and filters.

If you wish to hire me or if you have any question about me or regarding my work check the contact details at the page's footer.

La Guia de l'Empordà:

Laurent Martin "Lo":
Artist catalog

Can Kenji:
Restaurant menus.

Colorín Colorado:
Pet accesories brand logo.

De Luz:
Lighting brand poster.

Can Kenji:
Business cards.

Pla d'acollida:
Ngo posters.

Illustration for a gambling website.